Thursday, September 18, 2008

Umm, yeah.

Okay, so it's been almost a year since I've blogged. That's really pathetic.

But much has happened since then! I survived my sophomore year of college, did two more plays, interned at CODEPINK NYC for the summer (amazing!) and have been knitting these things:

Sunrise Circle Jacket

Bird in Hand mittens

not pictured: Lara in black, a lot of fingerless mittens for gifts, a black beret, and I finally finished Orangina!
My digital camera is on the fritz and I'm not currently in the market for a new one. I've been using my cell phone a little bit but that camera is just not that good.

Good news is that I'll be home for the Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck? but it feels weird for me to say it like that) this year! Maybe I'll play blogger bingo (if it happens - I hope it does!). It'll be more for the experience than for the buying this time - I'm going to Paris this spring and the dollar is WEAK!

I'm also excited because I'm applying for a grant next summer to study knitting/fiber arts and activism. That way I can meet awesome people, learn about how people are using knitting, crocheting, spinning and hell, even sewing in their activist endeavors and come up with my own project out of the mix! It'll be a good way to combine my knitting and feminism. People keep telling me these things seem diametrically opposed. I should just tell them to go read the intro of Stitch 'n Bitch.

I made an unfortunate and ill-thought-out decision regarding the knitting to bring with me this semester. All I have are the bird in hand mittens, the MS3/swan lake lace stole, and some charted socks with a lace pattern I can't memorize - everything is involved, nothing is mindless. When I'm home in October I'll have to bring back some sock yarn for some easy socks, because I've been going CRAZY with not being able to knit and right now I only have brain space and time for something a little simpler!

For the few bloggers I know in real life: I hope to see you at Rhinebeck. Till then, peace and happy knitting!

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cosmicknitter said...

I will see you there! I am going Saturday and to the Ravelry after